Hayan Museum

Spring 2021
Environmental Design

The project intended to find an architect and make a design museum using one of their architecture. I chose Christian de Portzamparc’s House of DIOR Seoul which was designed in 2015. I rebranded the architecture as Hayan Design Museum and Aurora Museum Shop.

Exterior Signage

Aurora Signage

Design Product

Public Poster Placement

Opening Day Exhibit

The opening exhibition is divided into seven sections, according to the decades from the 1950s. This fourth section exhibits the highlights of the 1980s in Korean design history.

The text reads: “In the 1980s, being chosen to be the 24th city to hold the summer Olympics gave a big change to the design of Seoul and the city itself. Korean designers started to recognize the importance of the originality of designs instead of imitating Japan’s designs. The 1980s was the time for a big change in Korean design history. This part of the exhibition will show the two sides of the Olympics, the triumph and the truth. Even though South Korea took lots of advantages for improving the design of the society, people who were living around the area were forced to move without any special treatment. Think about how the design of society changed in the 1980s in Seoul.”


Director’s Room

Conference Room