Voting App Design

Fall 2020
Studio III

I chose Hawaii to encourage non-voters to vote by making posters, social media advertisements, and a voting app. I first did a research on Hawaii demographics, especially on Asian non-voters. I chose a specific race group, which is Korean-American living in Hawaii. Then I researched which social media platforms are preferred among different age groups. Based on what I have researched, I made five personas in different age groups. Among those groups, I chose three demographic groups and personas to focus on to make design elements. The posters and social media advertisements are desigend to encourage the non-voters to vote for the United States Presidential election 2020.


I chose the first, third, and fourth group to make poster series and social media advertisements.


18-29 years old
45-64 years old
65-79 years old

Social Media Advertisements

Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook
App Design

The voting app is open for everyone in the United States, but this app is specifically designed for Hawaii residents. The log in page shows countdown to the election day, which changes to a clock after the voting date. The users can see important dates, reminders, contacts, and basic and important information about the election and how to participate.

In the 2020 Policies page, the users can learn about the Presidential candidates’ policies, and click the heart icon to show their interest and save it. To keep the audience after the election, the users can always come back to the app to see if the elected candidate keeps his or her promise or policy.

To make the app more entertaining, the users can accomplish each step to vote and get rewards in their profile section.

Used Adobe XD.