Museum in a Box

Spring 2020
Studio II

Museum in a Box is a program for young students at the Prince George's African American Museum and Cultural Center (PGAAMCC).

The program is aimed at young students aged seven to twelve to make their own artworks in relation to the Black Excellence exhibitions at PGAAMCC. Students can do art crafts such as painting or making boxes, or do performances. Not only students can visit the museum, but they can also send the materials to schools and homes.

By interacting with the historical artworks, the program aims to let students successfully learn about Black Excellence through art experiences.
Museum in a Box Logo brings the playfulness of the Prince George African American Museum and Cultural Center to the children and their parents. It has the icon of a cube with round edges. The negative space of the icon shows the initials of Museum in a Box: “M”, “B”, and “in”. The negative spaces also relate to the exterior of the museum itself by resembling the rectangular windows.

Logo Animation