Spring 2021
Studio IV Design Ignites Change

BYE:PLASTIC campaign tries to educate the audience about a problem in society and try to solve them. For Gangnam-gu, which is one of the districts in Seoul in South Korea, I chose the serious problem of increasing usage of single-use plastic due to COVID-19. After researching other competitive brands trying to solve the problem, the demographics, and the problem related to the pandemic, I organized the target audience, messaging, elevator pitch, and the boilerplate. Then I built up the brand based on the heavy research.


Brand Guidelines


Print materials

Website Design

The website is designed to educate the audience why it is important to know the current issue by using the secondary messaging of the brand. It reminds people to use the reusable containers and tumblers. The audience can find which restaurant, cafe, and shop to go if they want to be part of the campaign. The website also encourages more business to collaborate with BYE:PLASTIC campaign by promoting the partners.

Used Adobe XD.

App Design

for the experiential component.

For the consumers, this is where they can find and go to, so that they will not use single-use plastics. For the business owners, the app makes a competition because more consumers would go to the places that are shown on the map. The app includes trackers and sharing with friends for fun and mini-competition to keep the audience from deleting the app. The users can also easily buy BYE:PLASTIC merchandise from the app once they log in.

Used Adobe XD.

PSA Videos

Raise Awareness video includes the secondary messaging of the campaign.

Say No Plastics video shows what individuals can do at cafes and restaurants.

Process Book

Remember to say “no plastic, thanks!”