From the early years of my life, I enjoyed drawing, painting, and crafting art. I would get inspired by people I met from different places I have lived, such as Seoul, Vancouver, Lugano, and Washington DC. Learning about a new culture and how people interact with each other made me think about common communication that can be used in the world. Therefore, I shifted my focus from fine arts to graphic design in college. Here I learned that graphic design is an important tool for visual communication that is beyond aesthetics. Design has the power to change people’s perceptions, thoughts, and movements, in both good and bad directions. In the future, I want to drive people’s lives in a good direction through my informed visuals and design solution.

Throughout my experience at the Corcoran School of Arts and Design, I challenged myself to explore different styles and concepts, but I always ended up with a simpler design that works more effectively for me. I enjoy making minimal designs that convey concepts and storytelling. I would like my audience to understand the story or the concept by looking at my design. After I graduate from the Corcoran School of Arts and Design in May of 2022, I would like to continue learning and spreading my Korean culture and designs to the world.